Oscar x Lucy born August 31, 2013:

Lucy (Black) was bred to Oscar (Yellow) and they have produced 5 black and 4 yellow puppies. To secure a puppy, we need a $50 deposit and our puppy contract signed and returned.
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We are offering microchipping for $30 on Lucy and Oscar's litter.

                                                Lucy x Oscar Deposits

         Yellows                                      Blacks 

1.         Taylor Waters (Black Collar)                    1. Joseph Nobles II (Yellow Collar Male)

                                                                             2. Lea Davenport (Orange Collar Male)

1.        Joe Moore (Pink Collar)                            1. Bobby Jones (Green Collar)
2.        Stephanie Merritt  (Red Collar)                 2. Ashley Perkins (White collar)
3.        Taylor Harris/John Clements (Purple Collar)  3. Brad/Michelle Black (Blue Collar)

Black Collar Yellow Male
Pink Collar Yellow Female
Purple Collar Yellow Female
Red Collar Yellow Female
White Collar Black Female
Blue Collar Black Female
Green Collar Black Female
Orange Collar Black Male
Yellow Collar Black Male