Puppy Packages

We're here to save you
time and money when

preparing for your new arrival.

We can now offer Puppy Packages
starting at $300.00 and up. (depending on package chosen)
The selection is outstanding! We give you the
options of customizing your own puppy package
right from the comfort of your home prior to
picking your new baby up from us! So when
you pick up your new addition, you can pick up everything
he or she will need too!
Package's will or can include a Veterinary Health
Exam for each of our puppies. Microchipping,
Dog Food, Toys, Supplies and more. We have
taken care of everything! So the only thing you
need to do when your puppy arrive is enjoy
Contact our office at: wagnersretrievers@yahoo.com
Your puppy is eating
Puppy Chow. Keeping
consistent feeding times
can insure proper house
We feed:

1 - 1 1/2 C. @ 6 AM
1 - 1 1/2 C. @ 6 PM

Our Adult Dogs eat Complete Sport.
Southern States Complete Sport dog food is a high-protein, high-fat formula designed to meet the rigorous stamina demands of working, hunting and sporting dogs, ensuring that they can continue to work hard and play hard.