OUr Facilities

All of our dogs and puppies are kept in clean state of the art kennels. Our adult dogs are given daily exercise time in our yard that is fenced in. Our puppies never touch the ground or come into contact with other dogs or animals. We take huge precautions to keep our puppies healthy. When we enter the whelping area with Mom and babies, we wear shoe covers and always clorox our shoes before we go into an outside run. This diminishes our risk of transferring any viruses or diseases that we may have brought home on our shoes to our sweet puppies. The floors of our kennels are deckboard that can be cloroxed, and the inside is hardened sealed acrylic that we bleach down weekly for the adults and daily for puppies. 

Moving in Day. We recently purchased a new home. We purchased 3 sets of kennels for our fur children to live in comfort and style while we are at work for the day. 

Jolene, Sookie and Sadie enjoying their new digs. 

The kennels have swinging doors. Sookie took some coercing to open it on her own. 

Sadie and I had to take a selfie in her new digs. This girl is such a beauty!